Soulscapes series explores the individual’s perception of its surroundings, the alternative realities, and the constant change in memories over time. Fragile inner landscapes appear in the photographs, where reminiscence and missing details complement each other, creating a new reality. Remembrance is an ability to store, preserve, and recall experiences and skills. Changes and loss of this competence can occur in a natural way as time goes by or as a result of cerebral neurodegenerative changes. This irreversible process leads to the subject of identity, recollection, and existence. Who are we without our memories, our experiences, and the recognition of our environment? How can we perceive the world if we lose the knowledge in which we clearly recognize and understand the reality around us?

The pictures attempt to capture the invisible by reflecting on different stages of these degradations. Over time, subjective retrospections are unstoppably transforming, damaging and vanishing like the photographs under chemical reactions. In this personal reality, time and memory distort emotions in such a way that human traits are slowly replaced by colors and shapes and the person seen in the picture gradually becomes more and more like an abstraction. The resulting experimental images push the boundaries of instant photography through various manual interventions. During the lengthy processes, different materials and fluids were injected between the layers of traditional polaroid photographs to create a peculiar universe, thus the images become the reflections of distant memories and ever-changing emotions.